“It’s About the Motivation…It’s About the Results…It’s About the Burn!!!”  


"Here’s How YOU can Transform Your Physique Quickly with Guaranteed Fat Burning Results in 8 Short Weeks Without EVER Stepping Foot in a Gym!"


Dear Friend,


I want to let you know how you can transform your physique, decrease body fat, increase your flexibility and overall feelings of wellbeing.  In a nutshell, I want to let you know how you can improve your overall fitness in 8 weeks guaranteed!


Very few people know how to achieve maximum results but I would like to show you how to do this in Triple 8 Body Burn.  The Triple 8 Body Burn workout is a combination of muscle sculpting, fat burning, flexibility training and relaxation techniques.  


Why are these four areas so important to your fitness success?  Here is why…


Muscle Sculpting– By toning your muscles your body will look more healthy, appealing and sexy.  Muscle building also helps speed up your metabolism.  A faster metabolism is great because you will burn more calories and fat while your body is at rest.


Fat Burning – By having a lean sculpted physique you will increase your cardiovascular health, reduce your likelihood of several diseases and let’s face it, a lean body looks great!


Flexibility Training – Many people forget to incorporate stretching into their fitness routine and they are missing out on the benefits of a limber body.  Increased flexibility means less aches and pains, less likelihood for injury, your body will be more functional in “everyday” activities and flexibility aids in performance of all types.


Relaxation Techniques – Who doesn’t have stress in their life and could use some extra peace?  The answer is “everyone”!  Bodyflow improves muscle quality and flexibility.  Deep breathing techniques raise levels of blood oxygen, allowing the blood to flow properly throughout the body. This combination unites the mind and body into an enlightened awareness of oneself.  



“I Want To Burn Maximum Calories But I Can’t Spend Hours A Day Exercising!”


Guess what?  You don’t have to!  Triple 8 Body Burn workouts are 30 min.  Three days of intense interval training and three days of fat burning  cardio is all you need to keep the calories burning throughout the day!



“Do I Have To Invest In A Lot Of Gym Equipment?  I Don’t Have Enough Space In My House For Extra Stuff!”


No equipment or added square footage required for this program.  A couple sets of dumbbells and a cleared 10’ x 10’ space…..that’s it!



“I Have No Clue How To Eat Right And I Hate Dieting!”


First off….. Diets are good for short-term weight loss only.  Plus, they leave you feeling fatigued and craving not-so-healthy foods.  You get discouraged and end up giving up.  Then you try another diet and so begins the vicious cycles…..


Triple 8 Body Burn includes well-balanced Meal Plans that will keep you energetic and focused throughout the day.  The meal plan is one that you can use long-term, not just for the duration of the program.  There are three different daily calorie options and plenty of different food items to choose from.  It is also vegetarian friendly.




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 “What Kind Of Results Will I See From This 8 Week Program?” 


Like any exercise program, you get out of it what you put into it. If you give 50%, you will only get 50% in return. However, by giving 100% of yourself to this program, you will build up more strength, endurance and peace of mind than ever before All while transforming a new YOU.

Real Clients---Real Results! Here are just a couple of our clients... 

Meet Jason (NutriFitness Client)


                   Before                                        After                  

“I lost a lot of weight in the past but went back to my old ways of not exercising and eating poorly. As a result, I packed the pounds back on. I knew I had to get back on track and make this a lifestyle change. The first 30 minute workout of Triple 8 Body Burn had me sweating like no other workout I had ever done! I knew it was the real deal. After the first two weeks, I was able to breath easier. Halfway through the program my endurance was better than it ever was. I was seeing great muscle tone. It was a huge plus that the workouts were different every single day and that the meal plan was easy to follow and never left me hungry or craving anything unhealthy. I highly recommend Triple 8 Body Burn to anyone looking to build up their strength and endurance as well as lose some body fat. I’m amazed at how this program has transformed my body and my outlook on living healthy and happy. I can’t wait to start another 8 weeks!" ~ Jason J



Meet Kelly (NutriFitness Client)


               Before                                           After


“Triple 8 was exactly the program I needed to get my metabolism going.  It was the perfect mix of cardio and strength training and I saw my body changing after the first week.  Now that I have completed the program, there are muscles and definition where before there were none and my body is leaner and more toned.  I have noticed that I have more energy and my body is stronger.  Not only did I lose inches off my waist and hips but my body fat percentage dropped and that makes for a happy and healthier self!!”  ~ Kelly W.



The Amazing Discovery Of The
Triple 8 Body Burn Which Includes The Zen-Tempo Workout 


Triple 8 Body Burn is the combined result of years of hands-on experience through personal training sessions and careful scrutiny from hundreds of clients trained over the years.  It was the hard-core 30 minute workouts that had them coming back for more!  


Some people wanted to focus on endurance training and flexibility.  Others wanted to focus on building muscle and strength.  They all wanted peace of mind.  Yet, to get all of that in one 30 minute workout almost seemed impossible!


After weeks and months of focusing on areas they specifically wanted, they noticed a lack in the areas they did not want to focus on.  Frustration soon set in knowing they had to train harder in the other areas to make up for the lacking!


That is why the timing of each exercise in the Triple 8 Body Burn interval workouts is important.   Each exercise is short yet effective.  And the workout goes by so quickly, you don’t even notice (or mind) you’re doing an exercise that you don’t like!



“Get The Tools You Need To Get Maximum Results In Minimal Time!!!” 



home workout 


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Triple 8 Body Burn is designed to burn fat,build strength, endurance, flexibility, and to give you the peace of mind and body you deserve!




The Triple 8 Body Burn Program includes:


  • 8 week workout program  


  • Pictures and explanations of each exercise  


  • Video clips of each workout  


  • Weekly workout charts    


  • Daily meal plans  


  • Zen Tempo Workout and Video Demonstration 



 Limited Time Offer


Grab your copy NOW for ONLY $29.97 






Note: This product is digital download only. No physical product will be shipped. You will be brought to download page immediately following purchase.






“As former competitive bodybuilders, we knew that we had to train hard and focus on eating healthy to stay lean and muscular and avoid fat gain. As certified personal trainers, we know we have to give our clients some of the same tools to live healthier and happier!”~Tammy & Georgette



 tammy greear
 Tammy Greear  

  georgette pann

 Georgette Pann




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